Precision Spray Nozzles

Precision Spray Nozzles
Lechler is a world leader in engineering and manufacturing spray nozzles and systems, bringing over 125 years of knowledge and experience to every spray application.

While most any manufacturing or industrial process can require spray nozzles or systems, there are some markets in which we specialize:

  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical


Tank cleaning

For the efficient cleaning of containers and tanks, Lechler offers a large choice of self-rotating tank cleaning nozzles. Most are free-spinning, driven and lubricated by the cleaning fluid, but Lechler does offer gear-driven units with more controlled rotation. The free spinning models optimally work within a low pressure range from 15 to 60 psi while the gear-driven models with their slower rotation can operate above 100 psi. The cleaning effect of these products is achieved by the particular spray coverage, the amount of flow, and the movement and impact of the flow. Selecting the most appropriate model saves energy, cleaning fluid, and expensive cleaning time. For tanks of every size from 3 feet to 60 feet in diameter, there’s a specific Lechler tank cleaning product to do the job. Lechler has even developed a high temperature PTFE tank cleaning nozzle for use in high temperature applications where PTFE material must be used but which would otherwise deteriorate due to the heat. Lechler’s unique design allows for a much longer nozzle life than would otherwise be expected.


Tablet coating

Lechler’s ViscoMist air atomizing nozzle is an appropriate tool for the application of coating to pharmaceutical tablets. Because it has been specially-designed to spray viscous fluids, it can handle the spraying of fluids such as solvents, polymers, and polysaccharides that are used in tablet coating. The ViscoMist can atomize these fluids into as small droplets as possible to create a fine yet even distribution that is required for this coating.


Spraying of fluids with lances

Lechler has built lances for many pharmaceutical applications. This includes:


  • Conventional lance – This can contain most any standard nozzle, such as a 422 series tangential full cone nozzle to spray a slurry.
  • Tank cleaning lance – This contains any tank cleaning nozzle to be injected into a tank or reactor to clean it.
  • Retractable sanitary lance – This contains a PTFE tank cleaning nozzle and can have its length adjusted to most appropriately fit into tanks of various sizes. A traditional lance system has a fixed length so it can never be changed or adjusted. The nozzle of the lance can also retract into the tube to remove it more from the process when it is not in use. The nozzle is also 100% drainable, for sanitary applications.


Cooling of adhesive/blister packs

Because the faster adhesive or blister packs can cool down during processing, the faster the end product can be packaged, the cooling process for these packs is important. Lechler’s WhisperBlast air nozzle can quickly cool these packs down with its controlled directly spray of air. It makes an efficient use of SCFM in doing this cooling, and because it greatly quiets compressed air, it does not add a lot of noise to the process.

Lechler creates solutions in many highly technical industries based on the following product line: